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D!Y Lockdown Hotdogs

The finest hand crafted frankfurters, fresh brioche rolls and incredible toppings delivered to your door.

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Dog Lovers...

Oh my! D!Y dogs!

Super impressed!
1) Delivery - arrived 2.30pm. Ready for evening meal 👍🏻
2) Fresh - Everything was sealed fresh and the frankfurters were chilled 👍🏻
3) Ease - Clear and simple instructions made the D!Y Dog set up easy and fun 👍🏻
4) Taste - Most important! The chilli cheese jalapeño combo smothering a juicy Frankfurter in a fresh sweet brioche roll provided a tastebud explosion 💥

Would definitely recommend being on lockdown with D!Y Dogs! 

Ryan, Leeds

These are the actual bomb!

Me and my husband have found out new favourite take out.

Easy to make, took about 10 mins, and taste like a little bit of doggy heaven.

Hopefully the deliveries will carry on long after lock down.

Thanks DIY Dogs, we've got our weekly fave sorted now!

Maeve, Manchester